To poor it onto paper, perfectly imperfect, by means of survival. Come sit with us for our time travel from dark to light, join us in finding our fireflies.

The healing power of art

The author Sylvia Gassner wrote herself out of a Burn Out with her poems – now her first, fully illustrated volume of poetry has been published. The book is about mental illness, the LGBTIQA * community, climate change and love.

With art out of burnout – this is how author Sylvia Gassner describes the beginning of her recently published volume of poetry “Tales of Dark Matter and Fireflies”. Art and
Nature has always had healing properties for her – both can now be found in this collection of poems.

She started with portrait photography: during a photo shoot with drag queen Martha Magnum, a poem came to her mind – and so many of the poems in the recently published volume of poems are queer ones, dedicated to the community, dealing with oppression and suffering, whether it is one’s own sexual identity or the ascribed gender role as a woman. But at the same time there are the bright spots, the fireflies: “The LGBTIQA * community is one of the happiest and most hopeful that I know“, reports Gassner, „and giving strong women visibility that hardly anyone else speaks about, that was my goal Issues „. Climate change and the associated fears and hopes are also a thematic focus of the book.

The book was designed not only in the texts, but also in its appearance as a journey from dark to light, as a search for the magical, shining moments in life. Sara-Lena Moellenkamp consistently used illustrations between color and dark, fragmented shadows and brittle lines. “We hope that we can accompany many people on this journey by reading our book. We want to encourage everyone who is currently in a black hole to look for the magical moments in life again, ” the illustrator describes the project’s message.

You can get your copy of our poetry selection
“Tales of Dark Matter and Fireflies” by clicking here or in every bookstore of your choice via ISBN 978-3-7526-4805-8.

Sylvia Gassner

The author, born and raised in the depths of Bavaria, discovered her artistic talent, even though some (especially her parents) wouldn’t suggest singing at 6.00 am in the bathroom counts as such. Ever since she was lead by life choices who brought her vulnerably back to an urge of releasing the world’s pain buried inside her heart through photography and poetry. “Tales of Dark Matter and Fireflies” is her first poetry selection.

Sara-Lena Moellenkamp

Born and raised 1987 on a dying planet called earth and after working as an assistant director and in a marketing job, Sara-Lena decided to look for the beautiful in the gloomy and the gloomy in the beautiful. She remembered that she once studied literary, arts and media studies and loves drawing. So she took this toolkit to explore the freedom of visualizing imagination. “Tales of Dark Matter and Fireflies” is her first book.